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Marine Engineering

February 17, 2023

Latest company case about Marine Engineering

Industry introduction

The marine engineering is the new construction, modification and expansion engineering with main part of the engineering at the seaward side of coastline, which aims at developing, using, protecting and recovering marine resources. It mainly includes construction engineering of offshore platforms and artificial islands, for instance, construction engineering of petroleum and natural gas exploration and exploitation platforms. Since the latter half of the 20th century, the global population and economy expanded rapidly and demand for energy increased rapidly. With the exploitation of petroleum and natural gas in continental shelf sea area and the constant expansion of marine resource development and space utilization scale, the matching marine engineering becomes one of the rapidly developed engineering in recent 30 years.



Inverted angle steel, also known as unequal angle steel with different thicknesses, is the new profile that is produced to adapt to demands of large ship building. Besides applicable for large ships, Inverted angle steel is also applied to structures of marine engineering and building engineering with higher requirements.

Steel ingot is applied to various forged parts (climbing gearbox, pin roll and lifting rack) of marine platform.

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Technology R & D

● Adopt several special-shaped high pressure water descaling technologies, meeting requirements of technical specifications for international shipbuilding industry PSPC

● Specialized TMCP rolling technology is applied with ease to control final rolling temperature below austenite recrystallization temperature steadily and optimize toughness of finished product comprehensively

● Dual straightening + powerful straightening become perfect gradually, guaranteeing straightness of each profile steel for ship below 1‰

● NJB400 flat-bulb steels substitute clients' imported products, with advanced technology and high-end process approved in an all-round way

● Smart detection system for ship profile steel is developed independently, realizing whole process monitor and management of profile steel quality and manufacturing comprehensively


Honor and Qualification

Our Shipbuilding section steels are honored with "Jiangsu High-technology Product", "Jiangsu Top Brand Product" and other titles, and approval certificates from CCS, ABS, DNV, GL, LR, BV, RINA, NK, KR and RS Classification Society. [Check more certificates]



● Launch technical breakthrough type cooperative projects with Science and Engineering College of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology and East China Branch of Central Iron & Steel Research Institute

● Research and develop steel for deep sea oil well and platform with Korea DAEWOO, SANY HEAVY INDUSTRY and CSIC jointly

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