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Wind Power Generation

February 17, 2023

Latest company case about Wind Power Generation

Industry introduction

As a clean renewable energy, wind energy (one of the energies without public hazard) attracts more and more attentions from countries worldwide.

Wind power features clean, good environmental benefit, renewable, short infrastructure construction period and flexible installation scale. Wind power is a key field of renewable energy development, a significant force to push forward energy technology progress and industrial upgrading, and is an important measure to boost energy restructuring. With wide development prospect, wind power and other new energy power generation industry in China are expected to keep high speed development for a long time in the future.


Product application

The principle of wind power generation is to use the wind to drive the windmill blades to rotate, and then increase the speed of rotation through a speed increaser to promote the generator to generate electricity. The slewing bearing is a new type of mechanical parts that has gradually emerged in the world. It is composed of inner and outer rings, rolling elements, etc., and is an important structure of a wind turbine. Bearing steel ball products are used as rolling elements for yaw bearings of wind turbines and large slewing bearings for pitch bearings.

Steel ingot products are used in large-scale wind power foundation flanges, drive spindles, yaw ring gears and other forgings of wind power. Using the advantages of hot metal hot charging production technology, rare elements are added to improve the performance of forging products.

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Technical Research and Development

● Development of large-scale engineering machinery slewing bearing steel ball blanks

● Development of yaw and pitch bearing steel ball blanks for 1.5~6MW wind turbines

● Develop hot forming technology for large rollers to replace turning rollers

● Research the near-net forming technology, compress the remaining amount of the rolling element blanks, and increase the yield rate

● Independently research and develop the pre-heat treatment process for large bearing steel ball blanks, vigorously promote the application of controlled forging and cooling technology, refine the grain and carbide particle size, and improve the contact fatigue life of bearing parts


Honor and Qualification

Bearing steel ball products were rated as "Suzhou Famous Brand". Passed ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system and OHSAS 18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system certification. Our company is one of the drafters of the bearing steel ball blanks standard industry. [Check more certificates]



● Cooperate with China Forging Association to develop the precision forming process, independently research and develop the pre-heat treatment process for large steel balls to improve the internal quality and reliability of the product

● Joint trial production of 10 MW wind power products with large domestic flange manufacturers

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